The Lister

Lark has been a travel writer and professional journalist for the past 30 years, covering war, famine and diaspora in Africa, culture in the Middle East, hotels and resorts in Asia, the latest restos in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and tourism trends the world over.

She back-doored into travel while working in Ethiopia and Somalia, with photographer Ilene Perlman, and learning that magazines were less interested in restive populations than the dining options and hotel choices in these far flung areas.

With a masters degree in writing and journalism, Lark has worked for the range of national and international publications over the years: Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, AP, UPI, Reuters, International Herald Tribune, Robb Report, Elite Traveler, Los Angeles Times, Travel Agent Magazine, Recommend Magazine, TravAlliance Media and many more. She operates a weekly publication of travel news, destination updates, and travel trends: Travel-Intel, which goes to 103,000 travel agents and travel sellers in North American. In addition, she writes for Business Traveler USA and Business Travel Executive, and blogs on travel for Barclay’s and Genconnect. And she manages content for Tours.com. She is a contributing writer for Travel at the Washington Times and founder of a travel news site called eTravel.News.

Lark travels widely and heavily, specializing in Africa, Arabian Gulf, Asia, South Pacific, US West, and Las Vegas, among other areas, to bring back the blogs and The Lists that come from the continuous experience of travel.


Contact: Lark@tours.com